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Powering safe and futuristic workplaces

that enable employees and businesses to thrive


Created by the Need for Workspace Innovation

Our Roots

In 2009, we had an idea to bring technology to the office commuting space. With this idea, MoveInSync – India’s largest employee transport solution was born. For over a decade, we’ve worked relentlessly to enable effortless employee commute and elevate their lives in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency.

Coping with Covid-19

Then, the global pandemic struck and businesses worldwide either shut-down or shifted to remote work overnight. So, we built a COVID-19 containment zone tracker, covidhotspots.in, to help businesses track the status of their employees, and to help employees plan and manage their commute.

Workplace Challenges

Employees grew increasingly frightened over contracting the infection when interacting with workplace tools, using common areas, and even their own desk. At the same time, businesses were facing challenges with managing remote and hybrid teams, which created a need for seamless communication, optimized operations and increased safety.

The Need for WorkInSync

From this need for intuitive and safe solutions, WorkInSync was born. It was built from our understanding that people wanted the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world – and efficiently and safely without any interruptions. With our easy-to-use SaaS application and adaptive workflows, we remove the workplace barriers for all stakeholders including employees, facilities team, team managers and CXOs and help businesses transition to working from anywhere!

Our Mission

The workplace is quickly evolving and transitioning towards a hybrid model, with the combination of employees choosing to work from home, from remote locations, from the office, or commuting to the office periodically.

Our mission is to help businesses navigate and transition to the new hybrid workplace model and enhance their employees’ quality of life seamlessly and efficiently.

Our Vision

Even once the pandemic surpasses, businesses will need to reimagine the way they work and create a safe, productive, and enjoyable environment for employees.

Our vision is to create a robust, and sustainable solution that facilitates an integrated workplace and enables every employee around the globe to work from anyplace, anytime with the utmost efficiency in all aspects of their work.


The Driving Principles Behind WorkInSync

At Work In Sync, it’s important to us to deliver a clear message that informs and encourages our employees as well as our clients.

We act
with honesty
and reliability

We establish a flexible and open environment

We foster productivity with efficiency


We are driven by innovation and creativity


We focus
on our mission
and vision



Meet the Minds Behind the Transformation


Deepesh Agarwal

Co-founder & CEO

Akash Maheshwari

Co-founder & CTO

Ambreesh J.Mahajan


Navendu Mathur

SVP Sales and Business Development

Payel Basu

VP, Marketing

Vinay Nijhawan

SVP, Human Resources


VP, Customer Success

Videh Ranjan

Director, Product Management


An Overview of our
Industry Impact

35+ Fortune 500 Clients

135+ Customers Across Industries

99.9% Uptime

27001 ISO Security Certified

Want to Know More?

Visit our parent company, MoveInSync for more details.


Insights from the WorkInSync Family

Visweswaran G

VP of Customer Success

“What keeps me going at work is that hard work done with an honest intent always pays dividends. What I love about WorkInSync is the team’s perseverance because it leads to many great and memorable achievements.”